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Which camera do the Removu S1 Supports?

The Removu S1 natively supports GoPro Hero 3/3+, Hero 4, Hero 5, Hero 6, Hero 2018, and Hero 7. In addition, it also supports YI 4K/4K+ and Garmin Virb Ultra (mount housing are sold separately).

Can I charge the S1 while operating it?

The S1 cannot be charged while in use.

What is the USB port on the S1 used for?

The USB port is only used for firmware updates, not for charging unfortunately.

What are the 3 modes on the gimbal and what do they do?

Pan Mode – Tilt and roll are locked; camera can pan left and right
Follow Mode – Camera can pan left, right, up, down
Lock Mode – Pan/tilt/roll axis are all locked

When do I use the Balance Weight Cap?

You should install the balance weight cap when using a GoPro BacPac or a GoPro HERO 5 Black, HERO 6, HERO (2018), HERO 7 camera. When the balance weight cap is installed, the gimbal should be in BacPac mode. Press and hold the ‘M’ button for 3 second to enable/disable BacPac mode.

After using the gimbal several times, the horizontal axis seems a little off. What am I supposed to do?

You need to occasionally calibrate the gimbal. Please refer to user’s manual and the video links below on how to calibrate the gimbal.

S1 User Calibration Video

Do I need to calibrate regularly?

Calibration is not regularly needed. However, if the gimbal seems unbalanced while in use, proceed to calibrate the gimbal.

Why does my camera slowly drift to the left in “Lock” Mode?

At this point, every gimbal out in the market using gyro-sensor and 3-axis motors are having the same occurrences. To balance out the gimbal, please restart the S1, or switch to other modes and go back to Lock Mode again. In addition, performing user calibrations for several times may also help.

Does “rainproof” mean I can use the gimbal underwater?

“Rainproof” means you can use the gimbal in light rain or snow, it CANNOT be submerged underwater. We recommend users to use S1 in rain or snow for less than 10 min.

Why the S1 seems unbalanced if there is temperature difference?

The balance of the motor may falter when used in a climate that has a big change in temperature than the climate it was previously used in. In the case that this happens, please perform a user calibration in the new climate to solve the issue.

Why can’t I control my camera left/right with the remote control in Pan mode?

Controlling the camera left/right can only be used in Lock Mode.

Is there a S1 mount for Sony action cameras and mobile phones?

We have tried to develop S1 mounts for Sony and iPhone. However, we were not able to do so, due to the size of the S1 motors being optimized for GoPro cameras. We are not able to release the mounts for other cameras without a result that footage is stable from vibration or impact while using S1 with the other cameras. This also applies to GoPro Fusion. We hope for your kind understanding.

Why there is motor noise when I recorded videos by using HERO 5 or HERO 6 or HERO 7 with S1?

HERO 5, HERO 6, and HERO 7 have waterproof protection filter on the microphone. To get a clearer audio, these GoPro cameras will amplifie the input audio. However when the environment is very quiet, the camera will try to amplify the smallest amount of noise. To prevent the noise from being too loud, please select “Wind Only” on MANUAL AUDIO CONTROL of HERO 5, HERO 6, or HERO 7 (profiles) to use with REMOVU S1.

NOTE: The GoPro camera will pick up the rumbling gimbal noises if it’s set “Stereo Only” instead of “Wind Only”

Why am I hearing a beeping noise while using the S1 charger?

The S1 charger requires at least 5V/2A to operate properly. If your adapter has less than 5V/2A output, there will be insufficient amount of energy to the battery. This may cause beeping noises and charging disturbance.

The firmware update program does not show my S1 as connected.

As both calibration and firmware update software use virtual COM port to connect to your Gimbal, you may need to download a device driver. When you connect your gimbal to a PC via USB cable and turn it on, please check the Windows Device Manager (Windows only) and see if CP210x USB to UART Bridge is installed or not. If not, you need to download the driver from Silabs.

Please select “Download VCP (5.3 MB) (Default)” on the page for Windows computers.

Once you have downloaded and installed the S1 driver from the above website, there will be an option available in the drop-down menu in the firmware update program.

If you’re using Windows 10 and you are currently installing the driver, avoid using the Universal Windows 10 version which it may cause issues communicating with the PC. Instead, download and install the Windows 7/8 version.

What are the 3 modes on the gimbal and what do they do?

Pan Mode – Tilt and roll are locked; camera can pan left and right
Follow Mode – Camera can pan left, right, up, down
Lock Mode – Pan/tilt/roll axis are all locked

Can I update S1 firmware with my Mac computer?

The Removu S1 is designed to function properly with Windows computers. However we have released a macOS version as well. Please visit this page for further details.

How do I turn BacPac mode on?

YTo turn on BacPac mode, press and hold the “M” (Mode) button for 3 seconds.

How do I connect the remote control to the S1?

Turn on both the remote control and the S1. Press and hold the joystick down for around 5 seconds with the S1 remote control. Press and hold the pair button (the button with a chain symbol) for around 5 seconds with the S1. When both of the unit are in pair mode, they will automatically connect to each other. If they fail to connect after several attempts, please contact support.

How do I change gimbal modes on the remote control?

To change gimbal modes on the remote control, press down on the directional joystick.

Can S1 be used with other REMOVU products such as M1+A1 or R1+?

Yes, you can use GoPro with all our REMOVU products combined. If using M1+A1 with S1, please use the weight balance cap.

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