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Is the P1 waterproof?

Yes. The P1 is waterproof up to 1 meter (~3.28 ft). Please ensure that the cover and the USB port are fully sealed.

What is the working distance for video streaming?

The working distance between REMOVU P1 and camera varies. If there are many WiFi signals, the distance may be shorter. Our recommended distance in city environment is about 10 meters.  But the max distance in open space is about 50~70 meters.

Why is there a time gap between the camera and REMOVU?

All Video streams have time gap. This gap depends on video codec and device performance. GoPro camera uses HLS codec for streaming and has better video quality & compatibility for WiFi devices. However, HLS codec has longer time gap than other codecs like MJPEG. If we use smartphone for live view from GoPro camera, there is about 1~2 sec time gap and this depends on smartphone performance. Currently REMOVU R1 has about 1 sec of time gap now and we are still trying to make it shorter.

Power is on, but there is no live view, why?

-        Check if Camera’s WiFi is turned on. The camera WiFi must be turned on to send video stream.

-        Check if REMOVU P1 is connected to Camera WiFi. If this is your first time to connect to the camera, you may need to set SSID & Password of your Camera.

-        Check if REMOVU P1’s battery is charged enough. If battery is too low, WiFi stream function may not be activated.

-        Check if the distance between REMOVU P1 and camera is adequate. If they are too distant, the video cannot be streamed well. Our recommended max distance between R1 and camera is 10m.

-        Ensure that the P1 is using the latest firmware

What is the different between R1/R1+ and the P1?

The R1/R1+ has a built in LCD screen. The P1 uses the GoPro LCD BacPac, which is sold separately. Only the R1+ supports newer GoPro cameras like Hero 5 Black, 6, and 2018. However, neither the P1, R1, and R1+ supports GoPro 5 Session, Fusion, and 7.

P1 is on but it seems frozen. What can I do?

Open your USB cover on the left side. Under the USB plug, there is the Reset Button. Press the Reset Button with a pen or paper clip until the LED light switches off. Then turn the device on again.

Can the P1 be used while charging?

No. The P1 requires a lot of energy to power the GoPro LCD BacPac, and it cannot power the GoPro LCD BacPac and charge the P1 battery at the same time.

Why doesn’t the P1 live stream while recording for some of the resolutions and frame rates?

Live streaming is controlled by the GoPro camera. GoPro does not support live streaming while recording for some of the high resolutions/frame rates, for example, 4K at 30FPS. The P1 support all live streaming that the GoPro camera supports and the P1 firmware will be updated if the GoPro camera starts to support new resolutions/frame rates.

What files do I copy to the P1 when updating the firmware?

Only copy the BIN file to the P1. No other file or folder.

How can I charge the P1?

You can charge it using computer or any USB wall charges via a USB port built into REMOVU R1. The charging cable is provided.

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