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Can the A1 be connected to multiple M1 devices?

No, the A1 can only connect to one M1 device at a time.

The A1+M1 is not recording audio onto the GoPro, why?

Ensure that the A1 is connected to the GoPro using the A1 connector. In addition, make sure that the A1 and M1 have been paired. The both of the units will display a solid blue light once they are connected to each other.

Does the A1 work with the GoPro housing?

Yes, the A1 works with the GoPro waterproof using and the GoPro BacPac housing door. The BacPac housing door is sold separately. The A1 also works with the GoPro 1st and 2nd generation frame housing.

After recording for a while, the audio on the GoPro is a little out of sync, why?

Since the A1 and M1 use Bluetooth technology to transmit the audio onto the GoPro, the transmission time cause the audio to be a little out of sync. This can be fixed in post processing with a video editor.

Can I connect the M1+A1 to a phone/tablet?

The M1 uses a Bluetooth profile signal that is not support by phones and tablets.

Sometimes the audio drops on the GoPro, why?

If there is signal interference or a large object is in-between the A1 and M1, the signal can get lost and the audio will drop from the GoPro. The GoPro will then switch back to its internal mic. To prevent this, make sure that the A1 and M1 have a direct line of sight with each other.

Is the M1+A1 waterproof?

The M1+A1 itself is not waterproof. However the A1 can be used with the GoPro waterproof housing. You will need to use the GoPro waterproof housing BacPac door, which is sold separately. The M1 comes with a waterproof housing that can be used up to 1M in water.

Can I connect it with GoPro Hero 5, 6, or 7?

Since the M1+A1 is a type of BacPac accessory. GoPro dropped BacPac support for their newer cameras like the Hero 5, 6, 7, etc. Unfortunately the M1+A1 does not work with GoPro Hero 5, 6, and 7. We do not support M1+A1 with any 3rd party modifications to work the new GoPro cameras.



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