Even More Versatile.
Waterproof Wi-Fi Live View + Remote Control On Your Wrist.

View what your GoPro sees even under wet-condition. REMOVU R1+ will allow to check your shot while you’re in action dry or wet. Control the camera from distance. You won’t have to take the same shot twice. REMOVU R1+ will make sure to get the shot you desire.

Waterproof (IPX7)

The main difference the R1+ has compared to R1 is its waterproof capability. R1+ can stay underwater upto 1 meter depth, for 30 minutes.


R1+ has self-timer which allows you to delay the shutter release, giving you time between pushing the button and taking the video or photo.

Direct Wi-Fi

Now, you won’t need to have your smartphone app to setup Wi-Fi for your GoPro. R1+ can generate GoPro HERO4 and Session’s Wi-Fi SSID and password all on its own.

Control your GoPro® remotely.

Record, stop, and play all on one device. Change your GoPro settings, modes, and mode settings all on one device. The REMOVU R1+ perfectly controls all GoPro functions wirelessly with ease.

Play the scenes right on your wrist.

REMOVU R1+ is equipped with playback function. Play the scenes stored in your GoPro wirelessly. You will not have to take the camera off from the mount to do that. Play the scenes instantly on your wrist with REMOVU R1+.

Versatile Design & Waterproof Durable Structure

REMOVU R1+ is wearable on your wrist, and with the R1+ cradle, it can mount on any GoPro mounts. It is built to last. It is structured to protect itself from water, dust, and shock. Take it wherever you go. Shoot the most extreme scene without boundaries. REMOVU R1+ will completely free your motions.


Mount your R1+ to any GoPro compatible mounts and accessories. You can mount it just about anywhere and see the real-time scene that your GoPro is shooting. Start and stop recording by pressing the button on REMOVU R1+.