The world’s first full-waterproof microphone dedicated to Thoughts, Rimowave M1

REMOVU M1 allows users to record high-quality sound remotely.
Using wireless communication, you can record high-quality sound without delay, up to 10 meters from high-definition.

High-end high-definition audio pack, REMOVU A1

You can use REMOVU A1 to record the sound from the remote view M1 in a clear and crisp picture.
It is the same size as the backpack and it can be mounted on the genuine backpack housing without any problem.

Completely waterproof microphone

You can record sound even in an environment where water can get wet by using a special waterproof housing dedicated to Rimowiew M1.
Use Gore-Tex to block water, sound can be recorded in a wet environment to accept.

Wearable design

There are swivel clips that can be attached to clothes or the like, and connectors that can be mounted on the hoop mounts.
Attach to various places and record the sound you want to put.

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