1. Turn on the Wi-Fi from the K1 by going to: Menu > Camera Settings > Wi-Fi and select “Wi-Fi”. The toggle switch on the right of the “Wi-Fi” option and the blue LED next to the shutter button indicates whether the Wi-Fi is turned on or not.
  2. If you have already installed the K1 app, please skip to step 3. Otherwise, please install the app for your iOS or Android device.
  3. Go to the phone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Wi-Fi from the K1. If you are not certain where to find the Wi-Fi name (SSID) and/or password, please go to: Menu > Camera Settings > Wi-Fi > ID & PASSWORD (See Fig. A).
  4. Once the phone and K1 are connected, please open the K1 app and select “Live Streaming” at the bottom right corner (See Fig. B).
  5. Select the appropriate live stream services you are interested: YouTube, or RTMP (streaming servers for advanced users)
  6. Input the necessary information to establish connection:
    • YouTube: You can find the live stream key at this page. Please allow around 24 hours for YouTube to activate the live stream key before using it.
    • RTMP (advanced users): If you’re using services other than Facebook/YouTube, you can use RTMP URL to stream. If you are not certain, please contact the streaming service for obtaining the RTMP URL (for example: Twitch).
  7. When you’re done setting up the live streaming services, please hit “next” and open the “AP Settings” (See Fig. C). This is a settings to instruct the K1 which Wi-Fi it needs to connect to for live streaming.
  8. Please input the Wi-Fi broadcasted from the router or hotspot for the K1 to connect to. This is not the Wi-Fi broadcasted from the K1 (not the Wi-Fi from the K1). When connecting, please ensure the Wi-Fi band is 2.4 GHz. Once it is connected, the K1 will remember the Wi-Fi SSID (name), Wi-Fi Password, live stream settings, and device. It is best to connect the K1 to a designated router/hotspot. Once you’re done, please hit Next.
  9. The K1 should automatically start live streaming. To turn live streaming off: turn off the Live Streaming settings from the K1 and restart the unit.

**Unfortunately Facebook live streaming is no longer available due to dropped connections issue at Facebook’s end.

Fig. A – K1 ID & Password
Fig. B – Live Streaming Option
Fig. C – AP Settings