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Can I mount a smartphone to the K1?

No. However, there is a 1.5-inch LCD on the K1 that allows you to see what the camera sees, as well as it allows you to see and change the camera settings.

Can I mount the K1 to a tripod?

Yes. There is a 1/4 inch connection on the bottom of the K1 where you can attach a tripod.

Is the K1 waterproof/rainproof?

No. Please avoid exposing your K1 to water or moisture. Any water damage will not be covered by warranty.

What kind of SD card does the K1 support?

We recommend UHS-1 U3 class formatted to FAT32 (32 GB or less) or exFAT (more than 32 GB). The maximum size SD card supported is 256 GB. Some UHS-1 U3 SD Card like the “Samsung EVO Select” may or may not work with the K1, it may cause issues like corruption or data loss. Please ensure the write speed of the SD Card is at least 30 MB per second.

How do I update the firmware?

Please visit the following URL and follow the instructions displayed from the K1 firmware update page. Please ensure you’re using the the right SD Card and the battery is at least 50% charged.

You can also use the K1 app to update the firmware as well (available for both iOS and Android).

Can I detach the camera from the gimbal?

Unfortunately no. The K1 is an all-in-one handheld 4K camera with integrated 3-axis gimbal.

Why does my SD Card take a long time to save video?

This issue can occur when you use a memory card that is unsupported by the K1. We recommend using SD cards with at least 30 MB/s write speed (U3 or V30 rated).

Why do I keep getting the “Restore Mode” screen?

Please make sure both of the gimbal locks are unlocked before turning on the K1. If you are not sure how to unlock the gimbal, please check the following instructions:

If the issue persists after unlocking the gimbal, please contact support.

Why does my video split into multiple files that are around 4 GB?

This is a common practice for most of the action cameras in the market. Video splicing is intentional and there is not an option to disable it. Videos are divided like this in case of any interruptions that cause a file to become corrupted, only a portion of your video will be effected and not the whole thing. In addition, some of the SD Cards use FAT32 file system, which support up to 4 GB for file sizes.

When and how do I reinstall the firmware?

When the K1 isn’t working very well, try reinstalling its firmware to see if that helps. The procedure should be exactly the same compared to a normal firmware update. However, the K1 App does not support firmware re-installation.

I updated the firmware to version 1.2.0. How do I perform an auto calibration?

Auto calibration can be activated by following these steps
1. Make sure the unit is turned off
2. Press and hold the “Menu” button
3. Turn on the unit, keep holding the “Menu” button
4. A calibration pop-up should appear where you can start performing an auto calibration from there

While calibrating the unit, what does this message mean: “Calibration can not be performed because the temperature of K1 is high.
Please try again after cooling down.”?

Make sure the gimbal is below 40°C (104°F) while it is calibrating. We would recommend to calibrate the unit in room temperature.

What does the * mark mean on the left side of the display?

This is an indicator when the AEL (Auto Exposure lock) is turned on. You can toggle AEL on/off by holding the trigger while pushing the joystick towards left.

The image is too bright/too dark after updating the firmware to 1.2.0.

Normally this happens when the AEL is turned on. Turn AEL off see if that helps.

What’s the square icon on the top right corner of the display?

This is an indicator for “Metering Mode”. You can change the metering mode settings at “Menu > Manual Settings > Metering Mode”.

Is there a delay while streaming from the camera to the app?

Yes, there is a delay of about 0.3 seconds.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

About 3 hours with 2.0 Amp charger.

How do I charge the battery?

You can charge the battery via a USB cable or charge it using the K1 cradle that is sold separately. We highly recommend to charge the battery with at least 2.0 Amp output.

Is the battery interchangeable?

Yes, the battery is interchangeable.

Where I can get the K1 App?

The K1 App is now available at the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. You can get them at the following URLs:
iOS App Download
Android App Download

Can I do firmware upgrades via the app?

Yes! Users can update the K1 using the app for iOS and Android. Please make sure the SD Card is installed and the battery is at least 50% charged while updating the firmware.

Is there any lock mode?

Lock mode is currently NOT supported with the K1. However, we are considering to add Lock mode with our future firmware.

After using the gimbal several times, the horizontal axis seems a little off. What am I supposed to do?

It is highly recommended to calibrate the gimbal occasionally. Please go to “Menu > Gimbal Settings > Auto Calibration” to start.

How do I close the clip on the K1 Backpack Mount?

To fully close and secure the clip, please push to close the clip from the area that’s on top of the power button.

Why does the K1 freezes while recording?

Please check to see if the SD Card has at least 30 MB/s (U3 V30) for write speed. If it still freezes, try updating/reinstalling the firmware. Please contact support if the issue still persists.

My iPhone/iPad cannot read any of the files from the SD Card

Please update the firmware to the latest version which it addresses the issue with importing photos/videos to the iOS device.

Does the K1 supports any filters?

At this moment the K1 does not support any filters. However we are considering filters for the K1 some time in the future.

Does the K1 supports NTSC/PAL?

The K1 supports both NTSC and PAL video formats. To switch between NTSC/PAL, please go to “Menu > Camera Settings > Video Format”.

Does the K1 supports live streaming?

Yes! Please make sure both the firmware and the app are up to date.

The K1 app does not connect/show preview!

Some mobile carriers and/or phone hardware may affect the K1 connectivity. Please turn off the mobile data see if that helps.

Why do I keep getting a message that the auto-calibration has failed?

To ensure the device is calibrated properly, please make sure the unit is placed on an even and solid surface and avoid any vibrations (including the surroundings) as much as possible. If it still fails, please turn off the unit and let it cool for around couple of minutes. Then give it a try see how that works. If none of these suggestions worked out, please contact support.

What does it mean by “It must be used after auto calibration is completed” after I adjust the horizons? (And/or) I don’t see any horizons/balance changes after I performed a horizons calibration?

As soon as you finished adjusting the horizons/balance. Please turn off the K1 and perform an auto calibration in order for the horizons/balance adjustments to apply to the gimbal firmware.

How do I downgrade the firmware?

The downgrade process should be exactly the same compared to upgrading. However if you do not have the firmware file, please contact support.

How do I set up live streaming?

you can check out this guide here.




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