A photograph that is fuzzy may seem difficult to repair since so much of the image information (pixel data) is missing. If you don't want to install third-party software on your device, you can first try using various online photo enhancement apps to restore low-resolution photographs and get rid of blur.

To reduce image blur, we highly recommend the simple-to-use Free Image Upscaler. It is specifically made to sharpen the blurry parts of your photos, boost image quality, eliminate noise, expand image size, and more. With the help of its sophisticated AI image sharpening technology, a picture's blurriness can be automatically adjusted.

How to Online and Freely Fix a Blurry Picture

Step 1: Open this Free Image Upscaler official website in your browser to fix a fuzzy image online. All online browsers, including Safari, Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Yahoo, Bing, and others, are compatible with it.

Step 2: Click the Upload your photo button on the Free Image Upscaler website to select and upload your pixelated photo. Blurred images in JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, or TIFF can be fixed.

Step 3: This image sharpening and enhancement software will automatically correct the blurry area, eliminate the background noise, increase the image resolution, and enhance the quality of your photo when you submit it. You can compare the original and output photographs on display. Depending on your needs, you can choose the Magnification option during this phase.

Step 4: Click the Save option to save the image to your device if the blurry image has been corrected and you are happy with the outcome. As a free online tool to fix fuzzy photos, it won't add a watermark to your finished product. Additionally, there won't be any advertisements while you restore a blurry image.

You need to discover a good unblur picture program if you want to instantly fix a fuzzy photo that was taken on your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad. You may take and edit pictures with Adobe Lightroom, a versatile image and video editor. On an Android phone or an iOS device, you can download the Lightroom Photo & Video Editor app for free from Google Play or the App Store. Here, we'll look at an Android example of how to fix a fuzzy photo.

How to Correct Blurry Images on iPhone and Android Device

Step 1: Open the Lightroom Photo & Video Editor app that you downloaded from the Google Play Store on your Android phone. You can utilize all of the functionality of the mobile app if you have a subscription to Adobe's desktop program.

Step 2: To add your hazy photo, tap the Add Photos icon at the bottom of the screen. You must here provide the app permission to access the photos on your Android device. You can tap Add when you've located the image you want to make less hazy.

Step 3: Press the bottom screen's Detail panel. Numerous editing choices are visible, including Sharpening, Radius, Detail, and Masking. To correct a fuzzy image, drag the Sharpening bar to the right. It aids in sharpening the finer details in your image. Additionally, you can alter the Radius and Detail to reduce blurriness in an image.

Step 4: Use the Clarity function in Effects to reduce blurriness in a photo. Numerous additional editing options are available in the mobile Adobe Lightroom app. They can be used to improve your photograph technically. For instance, you can improve low-resolution photographs by using the HDR preset in the Presets menu. You can also visit Optics to get rid of chromatic aberration.

Step 5: After you have corrected the blurry image, you may hit the top Share icon and select an appropriate method for exporting or sharing it.

Adobe Photoshop could be the first image editor that comes to mind when you wish to edit photos. Photoshop, one of the most effective image editing programs, may assist you in correcting and blurring a photo. You can use Photoshop to sharpen your image by following the methods listed below.

Step 1: Open Photoshop on your computer and import the hazy picture. If you don't already have this Adobe software on your computer or device, you should download it for free from the Adobe website. For seven days, you can use it for free to correct blurry pictures.

Step 2: Click the Sharpen option from the dropdown menu under the top Filter menu, and then choose Smart Sharpen.

Step 3: To correct the blurry image, you can alter various settings in the pop-up Smart Sharpen box in addition to removing lens and motion blur and reducing noise. To save your changes and close the window, click the OK button.

Step 4: To save your altered image, click the File menu and select the Export option from the drop-down list.

Using Adobe Photoshop to Make a Picture Less Blurry

1. How do I enhance a fuzzy photo on my iPhone for free?

The Photos app on iOS comes with some simple image altering tools. In addition to using various third-party tools, you may also utilize the built-in image editor to sharpen a fuzzy image. You can open your blurry photo in the Photos app, select Edit in the top-right corner, and then drag the Sharpness bar to adjust the sharpness as necessary.

2. Can a fuzzy photo be fixed in Google Photos on Android?

Yes. You can sharpen an image using the Sharpen feature in the Google Photos app. You can select Edit from the bottom screen, swipe left to select Adjust, then select Sharpen from the Adjust tools by doing the same.

3. Can corrupted photos be fixed?

Different factors might cause photographs to become corrupted. When you receive a corrupted image, you should attempt to open it using various reader tools. Open it in Photoshop if you like. If you can open it, you can opt to save it on your device in a different file size or format.

The majority of this article has discussed how to clear up fuzzy photos. Three distinct methods to reduce blurriness are available for free online, on an Android phone, an iPhone, or a computer. To fix your low-resolution or fuzzy photographs, use your chosen image editor.

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