S1 Firmware 1.3.0 (Mac Version)

Firmware Update Program (MAC)

Preparing an update

NOTE: A camera has to be attached on the S1 gimbal whenever it is powered on. Powering on the S1 without a camera attached to it may results connectivity issues.

1. Download the firmware update program for macOS.

2. Open the Finder and navigate to “Downloads” (or the directory you download the file to) and open the “S1_1.3.0_Mac OS” folder.

3. Double click “Mac_OSX_VCP_Driver.zip” to unzip the file.

4. After the file “Mac_OSX_VCP_Driver.zip” is unzipped, double click “SiLabsUSBDriverDisk.dmg” to open its contents.

5. Install the file “Silicon Labs VCP Driver.pkg”.

6. After the driver is installed, double click “removu_s1_fwu.app-macosx64-v1.0.zip” to unzip the firmware update tool.

7. Attempt to open the “removu_s1_fwu” application, please disregard any warning messages. If you cannot open the file, add “.app” at the end of the filename. You should get something like this: “removu_s1_fwu.app”.

8. If you are facing issues like “unidentified developer”. Please go to “Settings” > “Security & Privacy”. Select “Anywhere” at “Allow apps downloaded from:”. This only applies to older version of macOS (El Capitan 10.11 or older). If you are using a newer version of macOS (Sierra 10.12 or newer) and getting the “unidentified developer” prompt. Please go to “Settings” > “Security & Privacy”. Click the “Open Anyway” button at “Allow apps downloaded from:”.

Proceeding an update

*Before opening the update tool, connect your S1 to your computer and power on the gimbal.

1. Once you have connected the gimbal while it is powered on, open the firmware update tool (removu_s1_fwu).

2. Press “Connect” to connect your S1 to the program. Then “Browse” through your computer for the firmware update file.

The “KR021_gimbal_20170628_VO10300.Bin” file will be in the folder you have just downloaded located in the folder “S1_1.3.0_Mac OS” where you downloaded. Most of the time it is located in the “Downloads” folder.

3. After selecting the correct file, click “Upgrade”.

The firmware update process will take 60 ~ 90 seconds as soon as you pressed the “Upgrade” button. If the the update is still hanging after 90 seconds, there is a good chance that the update may failed. In this case, please start over by closing the “removu_s1_fwu” application, disconnect the S1, reconnect the S1 while powered on, and then open the “removu_s1_fwu” application. 

5. The S1 will wake up once the update is done.

If you run into an error during the update, please follow the instructions below to fix your gimbal. 

1. Connect your S1 to your computer and power the device on.
2. Open the firmware update tool but avoid pressing the “Connect” button.
3. “Browse” through your computer for the firmware update file.
4. Press the “Emergency upgrade” button (DO NOT press the “Connect” button)

If you face any more issues with the update, please contact support.


  • Reduced motor noise caused by movements with the remote control
  • Reduced micro-jitters

  • YAW, ROLL, PITCH motor strength increased


A camera should ALWAYS be attached to the S1 whenever it is powered on.

Firmware upgrade will take 60~80 seconds to be completed after pressing ‘Firmware Upgrade’ button. IF the S1 stays asleep after 80 seconds, firmware upgrade has possibly been failed. In this case, please try again after reconnecting the S1 to the PC

As both calibration and firmware update software use virtual COM port to connect to your Gimbal, you may need to download a device driver. When you connect your gimbal to a PC via USB cable and turn it on, please check on the device manager of your Windows to see if there is CP210x USB to UART Bridge existing. If not, you need to download the driver from  http://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers. Please select “Download VCP (5.3 MB) (Default)” on the page.