R1+ Firmware 1.2.1

NOTE: This is for R1+. DO NOT install on R1.
Firmware Download (V.1.2.1)
  1. Download the file (r1+_121.bin) onto your PC. On Mac OS, please do not open the file from the Downloads folder from the dock. Instead open the folder where you downloaded the file (usually the Downloads folder).
  2. Turn on the R1+ and connect it to your PC/Mac.
  3. Copy and paste (drag and drop) the r1+_121.bin file into the R1+ storage. (The storage should labelled as “untitled” for Mac OS.)
  4. Disconnect the device and then reboot the device.
  5. The R1+ will process and update the firmware automatically.


  1. Please make sure to recharge your battery before upgrade. At least up to two bars of the battery indicator.
  2. Some operating system (Mac OS, Win10) tend to change the file name to r1_121.bin automatically.  In such case, please make sure change the file name as r1+_121.bin before copying it onto R1+.  Otherwise, the firmware update will not proceed.
  3. If you are using Mac, please ensure using Google Chrome as your browser to download firmware file.  Safari automatically extracts .bin file and makes it unable to be used for firmware update.

* If the current firmware installed on your R1+ is NOT V.1.1.0, please download and update to V.1.1.0 by clicking below button, before updating it to V.1.2.1.

Firmware Download (V.1.1.0)

Please make sure put both r1+_110.bin and r1+_110.bin files when you update the firmware to V.1.1.0. Otherwise, the firmware will not be updated properly.


  • We fixed a bug for some HERO5 devices that cannot connect with R1+.
  • Compatibility with GoPro HERO5 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO (2018).


  1. Make sure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled, pair with HERO5 Black using GOPRO Capture APP, and connect with your R1+ using the ID/PASSWORD shown on your HERO5 Black.
  2. Previous registration process on HERO4 is excluded in the new firmware due to technical limitation. Just like HERO5 Black, HERO4 needs to be connected to R1+ via GOPRO Capture APP with ID/PASSWORD.
  3. When you start recording on your R1+, the screen will halt for 1~9 seconds. The similar occurs in GOPRO APP as well, and R1+ seems to require more time to process frames. R1+ will stream normally after 9 seconds.
  4. It is incapable of modifying Settings on Video/photo is with HERO5 Black.
  5. You can turn the power off the HERO5 Black with R1+ while connected, however you need to manually turn the power on.
  6. HERO6 Black and HERO (2018) should be the same compared to HERO5 Black but make sure the Wi-Fi connection settings is set to 2.4 GHz instead of 5.0 GHz

Updated Features
– Fixed an issue that did not work with live view
– Some minor bugs fixed
– This R1+ new firmware still does NOT support Protune settings which is newly added in HERO4 firmware V.04.00.00.