R1 Firmware 1.7.0

NOTE: This is for R1. DO NOT install on R1+.
Firmware Download (V.1.7.0)
  1. Download the file (r1_170.bin) onto your PC.
  2. Connect the R1 to your PC via USB and turn on the device.
  3. Copy and paste the r1_170.bin file into the R1 storage.
  4. Disconnect the device and reboot the device.
  5. The Firmware will be updated automatically.


Please make sure to recharge your battery before upgrade. At least up to two bars of the battery indicator.
When copying and pasting the unzipped firmware file to REMOVU R1, only the extracted files need to be moved to the root of the REMOVU storage. NOT A FOLDER or ZIP FILE.


  • Fixed the issue that did not work with live view
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • This R1+ new firmware still does NOT support Protune settings which is newly added in HERO4 firmware V.04.00.00
VERSION 1.5.1 – RELEASED ON 15. 02. 16

Updated Features
– Brought all the functions back on GoPro HERO4 Ver. 02.00.00
– Improved live-view streaming
– Improved system stability

VERSION 1.4.0 – RELEASED ON 15. 02. 04

Updated Features
1. HERO4 Camera Playback Function
– Details: You can play the movies and photos from HERO4 camera on your REMOVU R1 now.

2. HERO4 Camera Power Control
– Details: You can now turn on and off your HERO4 camera from your REMOVU using the back button.
– Caution: If your GoPro was turned off from the GoPro, the power control function may not work, because it loses its connection due to GoPro’s protocol.

3. Easy Camera Connection
– Details: Now you can switch between cameras much easier. The REMOVU now can remember multiple cameras’ SSIDs and passwords.
– Caution: The REMOVU remembers the SSID and password, not the GoPro itself. So if you change the SSID of your GoPro, you will need to type in the password again.

4. Hotfixes
– a. Improved random freezings.
– b. Improved Upgrade function: Firmware Roll-back, Firmware Install Logs
– c. Improved User-interface
(On Select Camera Network Screen: Long-press REC button to return to the menu)

VERSION 1.3.0 – RELEASED ON 14. 12. 05

Updated Features
– Live-View Function Enabled for GoPro HERO4.
– Remote Function Enabled for GoPro HERO4.
– Other system improvements.

VERSION 1.2.0 – RELEASED ON 14. 11. 28

Updated Features
– Playback Function Enabled for GoPro HERO3, 3+
– Other system improvements.