P1 Firmware 1.3.0

1. Unzip the attached “p1_130.zip” first
2. Put(copy) the p1_130.bin file to P1 storage drive.
Firmware Version 1.3.0
File Download

1. Download the file onto your PC.
2. Connect the P1 to your PC via USB and turn on the device.
3. Copy and paste the *.bin file into the P1 storage.
4. Disconnect the device and reboot the device.
5. Enjoy.

Firmware Upgrade Guide


Please make sure to recharge your battery before upgrade. At least up to two bars of the battery indicator.
When copying and pasting the unzipped firmware file to REMOVU P1, only the extracted files need to be moved to the root of the REMOVU storage. NOT A FOLDER or ZIP FILE.


  • Fixed the issue that did not work with live view
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • This P1 new firmware still does NOT support Protune settings which is newly added in Hero4 firmware v.04.00.00.

VERSION 1.2.0 – RELEASED ON 16. 01. 08

– Compatilbity with HERO4 SESSION
– Self timer
– Minor bug fixes

VERSION 1.1.1 – RELEASED ON 15. 08. 05

– Supports HERO4 FW 3.0.0 streaming preview
– Fixes connectivity issues (HERO4)

VERSION 1.1.0 – RELEASED ON 15. 07. 28

– HERO4 Latency Improved (0.4~0.5 seconds).
– Simplified Touch Lock function (3 touches reduced to single touch)
– Improved stability while in Preview mode or recording.
– Fixed freezing while in black screen.
– Fixed other bugs.