K1 Firmware

Firmware Download
  1. Download and unzip/extract the “K1 Update.zip” file. Connect the SD Card to the computer.
  2. Drag and drop the camera_update.bin” and “gimbal_update.bin” file directly to the SD card. Make sure the file is not located inside of any other folder (commonly referred as “root directory”).
  3. Insert the SD card into the SD card slot on the K1 while the it is powered off.
  4. Power on the K1 to start the firmware update process.
  5. The system will start to upgrade automatically. (It takes around 1-3 minutes or so.)
  6. Check the firmware version after the upgrade by going to “Menu > Camera Settings > Information”.
    Note: The latest camera firmware version is 1.2.0 and the latest gimbal firmware version is 01.12.19.


  1. Please make sure the battery is charged at least 50% before starting the update.
  2. Do NOT remove the SD card and the battery while the K1 is updating.
  3. If the unit fails to update its firmware, please turn the unit off and remove the SD Card and copy/overwrite the firmware update files to the SD Card again. Then repeat the process.
  4. If you fail to upgrade the firmware after multiple attempts (at around 3 or more tries), please contact support.



  • After updating the firmware, it is mandatory to perform an auto calibration to prevent damages to the gimbal. To perform an auto calibration:
    1. Power off K1 right after updating the firmware
    2. Hold down the “Menu” button and then turn on the K1. Release the “Menu” button when the auto calibration dialogue screen shows up.
    3. Select “Proceed” to start the auto calibration.
  • Please update the apps (both iOS and Android) in order to get the most out of the updated features.


  • Menu > Camera setting
    • Added Korean and Japanese language options
    • Added live streaming features (only available and works with Android at the moment)
  • Menu > Manual setting
    • Removed the on/off toggle switch
    • Added Metering mode with the following options: center, regular, spot
    • Added more options for white balance: 3200k, 7000k
    • Added options to adjust contrast and saturation
  • Menu > Gimbal setting
    • Removed the “gimbal reset” option (this option only resets the gimbal speed settings)
    • Different method for auto calibration
      (holding down the menu button while powering on the unit to initiate auto calibration)
    • Added horizontal calibration (users must perform an auto calibration in order to apply the changes of horizontal calibration)
  • Added 24 FPS options for 4K and 1080p
  • Auto exposure lock (to enable/disable this feature, hold down the trigger and push the joystick left)
  • Reversed left and right joystick controls in Selfie Mode
  • Improved sensitivity with overall joystick performance
  • Improved video quality
    • Tone improvement (increased dynamic range)
      • Gamma value (black level, brighter tuning with darkness positioning)
      • Reduced excessive highlights
    • Color improvement
      • Reduced over-saturation
      • Reduced excessive green and yellow
      • Encoding color space change (BT.601 > BT.709)


  • Reduced noise and vibrations with vertical and horizontal conversion (when the gimbal is angled at around 45°)
  • Improved/stable gimbal movement with time-lapse and motion time-lapse

Smartphone application

  • Added “Shuffler 30” (Create 30 secs video by combining multiple videos)
  • Added live streaming features (YouTube or other RTMP supportive live streaming)




  • Fixed an issue where the K1 creates a new folder and reset the file count to “0001” when recording every time when it restarts.



  • Added Auto Power Off function
    • If the Camera is not used, the power is automatically turned off after the set time.
    • Auto Off function does not work while WiFi is on.
    • The Auto Off function does not work during video recording.
  • Added Video Self Timer function
    • The Self Timer function in the “Photo Settings” has been added to the “Video Settings” function.
  • Added Narrow FOV (field of view) in following resolution:
    • @ 30FPS Wide / Narrow
      ※ 4K 30FPS Wide Only
    • @ 60FPS Medium / Narrow
    • @ 120FPS Wide
    • @ 240FPS Wide
  • Added Crop Marks
    • Since the image displayed on the LCD does not match the actual image captured after adding FOV, we added crop marks to indicate the actual shooting ratio.
  • Added a menu to reset Wi-Fi settings.
    • You can reset SSID and Password in Menu> Camera Settings> WiFi Category
  • Support Apple SD card reader
    • Video file naming convention is changed so that files recorded on SD card can be easily transferred to your iPhone / iPad using Apple’s original SD card reader.
  • Other Bug fixes



  • Fixed an issue where the image is vertically stretched with the following resolution settings:
    – 4K, WQHD, 1080p, 720p (30 fps)
    – 1080p (120 fps)
    – 720p (120, 240 fps)
  • Applied Auto Level Control (ALC) limit on the built-in microphone to prevent audio distortion when loud sounds are detected
  • File names are generated consecutively
  • Thinner display grid lines
  • Added low battery warning and shut down sequence
  • Added an option to toggle LED indicators
  • Added “20%” as a beep volume option
  • Battery levels are synchronized between the display and battery
  • The date and time in the file property can be stored based on set up



  • Improvement of phenomenon that LCD screen turns purple during shooting at 1080 / 120FPS.
  • Recording will be stop when Safety Mode is executed while recording.
  • Beep after certain time passed in Safety Mode without restoring the K1.
  • The power is automatically turned off if the K1 is not restored from Safety Mode in 10 seconds later after beep.
  • Fixed to keep Wi-Fi settings when rebooting.
  • Improved to select icons in Menu/Setting by trigger.
  • Modified volume of external microphone to five different levels.
  • Fixed general bugs.


  • Improved unnatural movement when tapping trigger twice to re-center the camera.