Wireless security cameras may be convenient to use but, as most people know, their wireless capabilities are limited to line of sight, leaving them vulnerable to interference, interference-induced dropped frames, and other problems. In addition, many models don’t offer night vision, and those that do usually require additional purchases.

The best wired security camera is much better off. Not only do wired cameras offer greater reliability and lower costs than their wireless counterparts, they also provide access to features such as motion detection and 24-hour recordings. Of course, that means you’ll need to physically run a cable between the camera and its power source, but that’s a minor inconvenience.

What exactly is a wired security camera?

While the concept of a "wireless" security camera is a little less clear, wired cameras operate precisely how you'd expect them to: they transmit data and receive power over a wire. Normally, this is referred to as a coaxial wire, however many cameras will also accept Ethernet cables.

Apart from privacy concerns, coaxial cables do not naturally support audio, which accounts for the lack of sound on public CCTV. They communicate with a DVR or NVR, which houses the data.

Best Wired Security Cameras

Wired security cameras are the perfect solution for small or medium sized businesses who need to keep track of their premises when they’re not around.

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Features to Choose Best Hardwired Security Camera Systems

Are you looking for the best camera for your home security system? Removu has the ultimate guide to choosing the best wired home security cameras.

1. Motion Detection

A security camera's capacity to detect motion and subsequently capture and, in some situations, record the events it discovered is referred to as having a motion detection capability.

This utilizes a software-based monitoring mechanism that sends a signal to the companion video camera when motion is detected, causing the camera to start recording. The majority of motion detection features are also built to sound an alarm and notify the right people.

2. Two-Way Voice

A 2-way voice capability is integrated into almost all wired and wireless home security cameras. With the help of this feature, you may communicate in real time with anyone inside your home who is within hearing distance of the camera. You may chat with someone on the other end of these two-way talk cameras in real time by employing an intercom, a microphone, and a speaker to enable voice contact.

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3. Wide Field of View

A camera's field of view can be increased by increasing the angle of the lens, which is expressed in degrees. A security camera's field of vision, or the size of the area it can see and record, is referred to. The field of vision of security cameras is determined by the lenses.

A fixed camera's field of view is therefore permanently fixed, so you must choose the one that best suits your needs, which would be either a wide-angle or a narrow-angle. If you require a greater field of view, you should consider choosing a wide-angle camera or an ultra-wide-angle camera.

4. App Control

These days, all security providers include a mobile app with their security services. You can use the mobile app to remotely access, monitor, and manage the home automation and security features in and around your house. Your wired security cameras are included in this. If you receive an alert or just want to check on your home or family at any time, you may use the corresponding app to pan, tilt, and/or zoom in on an incident depending on the sort of cameras you have.

You will have live streaming capabilities thanks to the integration of the mobile app and your wired security cameras, allowing you to view everything instantly and on-demand. Additionally, you may access everything from a single location with the mobile app.

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5. High Resolution

A connected security camera's high resolution describes how many pixels that particular camera has. The clarity of the image will increase with a camera's pixel count. The majority of modern wired home security cameras offer a 720p or 1080p image resolution.

The availability of higher quality alternatives, such 2K and 4K cameras, is beginning to spread among select brands. The picture must be clear and sharp enough so that you can see specific features, such as a license plate number, etc., and this is why the resolution is crucial.

6. Video Recording

Different video recording solutions are available from each security company. Local video recordings can be kept on a camera's internal memory, an external MicroSD card, or other hardware such as a network video recorder or a digital video recorder (DVR) (NVR). Then there are video recordings in the cloud, which are kept on a distant server and viewed online.

The recordings made by wired security cameras are either continuous or only take place when activity is detected. The other option is continuous video recording, which captures footage all the time rather than only when activity is detected.


Whether you’re interested in a Wi-Fi camera or a wired one, choosing the best one for your specific needs is important, so here are the questions to consider when buying a wired security camera.

1. Do wired security cameras require the internet?

No. Nearly all wired security cameras will work without an internet connection since they connect to a DVR or NVR. Cloud-based storage is never used. However, some devices contain characteristics that can access the internet.

2. Are wired security systems preferable to wireless ones?

One advantage of wired security systems over wireless ones is that they are much more secure against hacking and data leaks than wireless cameras. They also need more work to install, are much less convenient, and lack crucial contemporary features like push alerts.

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3. Is installing wired security cameras simple?

Despite not being particularly challenging to set up, wired security cameras are more challenging to install than IP cameras, which are frequently powered by a straightforward USB. Hardwiring the device, which involves fixing it permanently and passing the wiring through the wall, is usually preferable in most cases because wired security camera cables may be fairly ugly. It will take a lot of time, so you might decide to pay for professional installation to save the hassle. Package deals for wired security systems do occasionally include this in the cost.


More stability, dependability, and simplicity are all benefits of hardwired security. Even the more expensive versions are less feature-rich than wireless IP cameras, making them a better choice for people looking for simple, uncomplicated surveillance, whether that be at home or in a professional situation.

Although most people looking for home security, pet monitoring, and nanny cams will find these more in line with their needs, the advantages and continued popularity of wired security cameras in commercial settings make it well worth considering one before taking the plunge and purchasing the best wired security cameras.

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