The Best Table Mount Projectors You Should Buy in 2024


There are many features that customers need to look at when they are seeking a good Table Mount(or the Stand) for their projector. They need to check the constructions and the load capacity carefully to avoid jiggling and ensure safety. Good stands need to be flexible too. The height and the rotation must be adjustable so that the mount can work well in various places.

We understand the difficulty when searching for a proper table mount. Therefore , we show you the best projectors stand so you can save time.

Amada Projector Tripod Stand for 22

In-depth reviews

1. HOLDOOR Projector Stand

Important Specifications

  • Maximum Weight: 15 lbs

  • Height Adjustable: 17.7"-47.2" inches

  • Tray Rotation: 180° degrees rotation

  • Sponge Gasket thickness: 0.14 inches

  • Tray Size (L x W x H): 15.04 x 11.14 x 0.4 inches

Product's highlights

If you’re searching for a stable stand for your cinema home, the HOLDOOR projector stand should be your first choice. This projector stand also serves additional features. It can work excellently as a Laptop stand or the table for DJ setup. 

The design of this product is excellent. The lightweight and metal built design makes this holder very slight and durable. The compatibility is decent too. It can hold up to 15 lbs and support most laptop and computer equipment. The mobile phone holder on the side also increases the experience. Now you can chat with co-workers or check some messages easily during your typing or presentation.

Yet, some adjustable knobs are made of plastic and stripable spreads. However, the standard screws can be changed easily. The big carrying bag and the sturdy handles allow you to use this table mount everywhere.


  • Impressive flexibility

  • Very high

  • Phone holder on the side

  • Good materials


  • Some parts are plastic.

2. LIUGAST Projector Stand

Important Specifications

  • Size:17.5''-48''

  • universal laptop/ device stand

  • universal device stand – height adjustable tripod mount (for laptop, notebook, mixer, DJ equipment)

  • height adjustable: 17.5-48 inches

  • construction material: metal stand, engineered ABS shelf

  • shelf/ device tray size (L x W): 15 x 11Inches

Product's highlights

Instead of aiming for home users, LIUGAST projector stands are designed for outdoor movies or expanding deskpace.  The wide size of 15 x11-in is enough to fit most projectors and laptops. This 15 x 11-inch shelf is wide enough to fit most projectors and laptops. Also, you can tilt the table to the angle that fits your posture.

The design of the LIUGAST stand tries to archive the best protection for your devices. There are two elastic straps to prevent your devices from moving. Together with the sponge gasket, your devices are protected from slipping on the ground. The wide tripod also keeps this product in place. Yet, its rubber feet make it slippery on carpet.

Like the HOLDOOR table mount, there is a gooseneck phone holder on the side too. 


  • Great stability

  • Phone holder

  • Easy modifying


  • Slippy on carpet


Important Specifications

  • Loading Capacity: 22LBS

  • Tilt Angle: 45°&5°

  • Height Range: 22.4-36 inch

  • Dimension (Tray): 16in(W) x 11in(L) x 0.59(H)

Product's highlights

The AMADA HOMEFURNISHING projector stand is a great choice for your home. Users can assemble the product , then move to the necessary place without difficulties. This is the superior thing that a traditional mount ( on ceiling or wall ) can’t compete with.

The design aims for portability. Thus, this stand and your device is enough for a nice outdoor movie time or business meeting. Also, the adjustable tilt and 180- degree rotation help you adjust the best position for the projector. 

This table mount can be used for many activities. Yet, the absence of projector straps makes it inferior to other products.


  • Firm safety pin

  • Easy modifying

  • Easy setup


  • No elastic strap

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do Projector Table Mounts Work?

The common table mount has a base attached to the projector, a tilting head and a height – adjustable pillar. Free-standing table mount resembles the camera and portable lightning tripods. Many small table mounts are equipped with a simple tilting  head, while others can rotate up to 360 – degree.

The function of a projector table mount is to hold your projector so that it can display the clear image. Yet, you can find more useful features on a well- designed stand.

ONGHSD Up/Down 90 Degrees Rotation Table Projector Stand Left/Right 360 Degrees Rotation Black Desk Projector Mount for Home Office Studio Metal Projector Holder Shelf

2. Why Should I Buy a New Projector Table Mount?

The Table Mount will benefit you most when using it for your home cinema or office . We all know how the projector position affects the image. A new stand with proper functions can improve both the position and the image quality. Many Table Mount stands also offer further protection by adding the elastic straps. 

Thus, A new stand will bring you more convenience. A gooseneck phone holder is a great example.

Final Thought

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