Best Outdoor Security Cameras With Flood Lights

Security camera installation is a large undertaking for any homeowner. But when installing a system that is capable of capturing both visible light and infrared light, you have a system that is very flexible and can perform multiple functions. With this in mind, it makes sense that security cameras would come with both internal and external flood lights. These flood lights are used to illuminate areas within the area being monitored by the security camera. Additionally, this is also important if your home or business is located in a very dark area.

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Our team has tested and reviewed dozens of the top outdoor security cameras with flood lights. Our goal? To help you find the perfect security camera for your home.





How to Choose

You should try and get all the information that you can about your outdoor security system. You should also speak to different companies and try and get them to explain the type of cameras that they use and the features that they offer.

• The type of camera. Outdoor security cameras with floodlights are usually mounted on poles or walls. They have a range of mounting options, from ceiling mounts to wall mounts, and from indoor and outdoor models to indoor and outdoor models. Some cameras offer motion detection, which automatically takes a picture when movement is detected within the camera's view.

• Power and battery backup. Many outdoor security cameras with flood lights offer several levels of power and battery backup. Some have built-in batteries, which means they don't need external batteries. Others have rechargeable batteries. Still others have AC adapters to charge their batteries.

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• Features and functions. Outdoor security cameras with flood lights typically offer features like motion detection, zoom and panoramic views, and remote viewing through a smartphone app. They may also offer a digital video recorder (DVR), which automatically saves images to an SD card or hard drive.

• Price. Outdoor security cameras with floodlights are usually quite affordable, especially if they include accessories such as mounting kits.


In conclusion, outdoor security cameras with floodlights are ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. Many manufacturers claim to provide these devices, but the ones that truly have the features you need are hard to find. To save you from going through the hassle of looking at each camera and comparing them, we put together this comprehensive guide with reviews of top rated outdoor security cameras with flood lights. This way, you can make an informed decision on which product is right for your needs.

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