In today’s world of technology and innovation, almost every aspect of our lives has been affected by a new invention. We communicate instantly, conduct transactions quickly and efficiently and everything happens in real time. While we may have adapted to a modern lifestyle, one place where many of us still rely on technology is in our homes.

That’s why choosing the right doorbell security cameras is so important. In fact, some of the most technologically advanced innovations out there are being put to use by residential doorbell security camera manufacturers to ensure that our safety and security are at the top of their priority list.

Best Doorbell Security Cameras

Whether you’re installing your first doorbell security camera or a third generation model, it can seem like a daunting task—especially when it comes to choosing the right model.

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Selecting a doorbell camera

When it comes to doorbell cameras, there are many options available. However, there are a few important choices that aren't usually visible but that you should keep in mind:

Positioning and size

It can be difficult to estimate size from a photo alone, but a device large enough to house a camera, electronics, and especially a battery will frequently be surprisingly bulky in comparison to a conventional push button. 

When installing your first video doorbell, camera angles become more important than just an aesthetic consideration. When individuals stand close to the door after pushing the button, certain models come with attachments to help you position the lens and button.

Requirements for power

The two main options are battery-powered or connected to an existing low-voltage doorbell chime, but it's important to consider the precise voltage range, which differs from device to device. By purchasing a chime and a doorbell transformer that plugs into the wall, DIY enthusiasts can install a mains-powered chime without having to touch the fuse board.


Although it would be difficult to find a digital doorbell that wasn't made to withstand the elements, some are more resilient to intense heat or cold than others. For instance, Ring's battery-powered doorbells continue to function even when the battery is being charged by a mains connection, but at freezing (0 °C / 32 °F) and below, it's likely that the battery will stop taking in power.

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Network for smart homes

One gadget can connect to another using smart home technology; for instance, a motion sensor on a doorbell can turn on a porch light. With Alexa and Google Home, this is referred to as a "Routine." The way Apple HomeKit operates is comparable. IFTTT's separate strategy, which focuses more on triggering, is another option.

Subscriptions for many cameras

Since many brands provide discounted prices per camera for their cloud services and see the doorbell camera as just another camera, there may be a financial benefit to installing security cameras and a doorbell from the same manufacturer.


The finest doorbell camera will be able to work with any smart home devices you already have, like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the handy If This Then That app (IFTTT). Because this world isn't totally open, you need to pick your platform before discovering the doorbell you like. For example, Ring is owned by Amazon and prefers Alexa, but Nest is controlled by Google. A few companies are now also supporting Apple's HomeKit (they don't have their own).

While some doorbell cameras run on batteries, others need a cable connection similar to that used to power a standard doorbell. When someone activates the buzzer or just triggers their motion detector, if they have one, they can notify you via your camera phone using smart notifications.

We strongly advise choosing a permanent installation with wiring and mains electricity whenever possible because it is much simpler to operate, but for many people, this isn't an option. If you choose a battery, we advise budgeting for a spare so you can swiftly replace it out when necessary rather than going without a ringer for a few hours (or more, if you forget).

Doorbell camera FAQs

With so many choices out there, it can be hard to know which one will deliver the most bang for your buck. Here’s the definitive guide to choosing the right doorbell camera for your home.

1. How much does a video doorbell cost per month?

Depending on the brand you choose, monthly subscriptions for video doorbell monitoring typically cost between $3 and $6. For $3 for one device and $10 for more, Ring Protect and Arlo Secure are comparable in price. For one or more, Google's Nest Aware service costs $6. You typically get cloud storage, more sophisticated notifications, and a few other benefits with these services.

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2. Do video doorbells experience theft?

Even if some video doorbells (looking at you, Nest) are quite simple to remove, it doesn't necessarily follow that they will be stolen. There isn't much concrete proof that doorbell swiping is widespread. It makes sense because you might be caught on camera taking the doorbell. Additionally, there are just as many video doorbells that are placed that are essentially rock-solid as there are ones that are simple to remove from the doorstep.

3. What is the lifespan of videos on video doorbells?

Once more, this is based on your membership and product. Typically, the only option available without a subscription is live viewing. Some companies, such as Nest, only store event recordings for a little time. However, if you purchase a subscription plan, you'll have event storage for somewhere between 10 and 60 days, as well as occasionally the option of 24/7 continuous recording.


Your camera should have four main features: night vision, zoom, audio recording, and motion detection. If you want to keep an eye on your property, a good doorbell security camera system is a smart choice. You’ll be able to monitor activity at any time and see the whole scene through the lens, thanks to the 1080p HD resolution. Some doorbell security cameras even come with a smartphone app so you can keep tabs on your home, view recorded footage, and control the camera remotely.

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