15 Best Android Tablets For Kids in April of 2024

Choosing the best android tablet for kids is often a difficult task. Parents are faced with the decision of either spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a tablet for their kids or just buying one of the cheaper options. But is it really necessary for kids to get a pricey tablet? In this article, we’ll explain what you need to look for in a tablet for kids and review the most popular options that fall into this category.

Our Choices

You may be wondering what kind of tablet would be good for your kid. You know the answer already. A tablet is a must have device for your child because it has so many benefits for them.





How to Choose

When choosing an Android tablet for your kid, you have to ask yourself what your kid needs and wants. There’s no one perfect device for every child or parent. But, you can find a tablet that’s a good fit for your needs and wants.

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1. The quality of the screen. Kids will be watching movies, playing games, and doing other activities on their tablet, so having a quality screen is important.

2. Battery life. When your kid isn't using his tablet, it shouldn't draw battery power constantly. Make sure to pick a tablet that has a long battery life.

3. Memory size. Make sure to buy one with memory that your child will actually use. A 16 GB or 32 GB tablet might seem like a great deal, but once your kid downloads all of the apps and movies he wants, there won't be any extra storage.

4. Price. Most parents won't pay full price for a new tablet, and even if they do, it will last them a long time. Look for deals and sales, or ask a friend or family member for a recommendation.


In conclusion, the most important thing when you’re looking for an android tablet for kids is to know what the kid actually needs and how they use their devices. There are different apps for kids in each device, so you need to know what the kid’s favorite games and apps are. Are they using the tablet for school work, or watching movies? Is the kid into social media and texting? Is your kid going to be playing a lot of Minecraft? Find out what their primary uses will be and which android tablet will suit their needs.

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