We’ve compiled this list of the top amateur cameras for this year in order to help aspiring amateurs get started in photography and to give professionals a peek at the state of the market. Most of the pros agree that the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II is the world’s best mirrorless camera, while Canon’s full frame DSLR lineup comes in a close second.

Both are amazing devices that anyone can enjoy—and if you are looking for a new camera to invest in, check out our full review of both cameras. If you’re looking for a cheap point and shoot camera, you might want to look into our guide to the best cheap camera that won’t let you down.

Best Amateur Cameras

As amateur photographers, you’re in control of how good or bad your pictures are—so how do you know if you’ve got the best equipment?

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Things to Consider

An amateur camera should enable you to manually change its settings and take pictures in portrait mode in addition to producing high-quality images. The two most crucial factors to consider when choosing a camera are mobility and upgradeability. Additionally, choosing a camera with interchangeable lenses is preferable.

Automatic Settings

You can manually alter the settings on any respectable cameras. Their controls should also be easily accessible and available at all times. We immediately remove all point-and-shoot cameras as a result. The majority of inexpensive small cameras lack enough manual setting modification choices.

Allows for portrait mode shooting

For those who want to take stunning images with a blurred background, this mode will be helpful. In order for the subject to be sharp and the background to be blurry, the in-focus distance in your picture needs to be decreased. Any photographer should know how to use this widely used aesthetic trick for portrait shooting.

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Not all cameras, nevertheless, can provide you with such a blurred background. First and foremost, the size of the image sensor matters; the larger, the better. Reflex cameras are typically equipped with an APS-C (about 23,5 x 15,6 mm) or 24×36 mm sensor.

Megapixel Number

For amateur photography, consider image quality and resolution when choosing a camera. The greatest models enable you to take pictures with lots of fine detail. Your camera's megapixel capacity shouldn't be greater than the lens's megapixel capacity. However, a 12MP camera also enables you to produce sharp pictures that may be printed. Experienced photographers frequently look for 20MP cameras or models that support a higher resolution.

Convenient ergonomics

Before buying a camera, try holding it in your hand unless you wish to buy it from an online retailer. It shouldn't be too heavy and should fit well in your hand. You can bring it with you wherever you go if it is somewhat lightweight. Additionally, you must to be able to navigate the menu and easily access frequently used functions.

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Battery life

Make sure to purchase a model with a respectable battery capacity if you need to plan lengthy shooting sessions. While a camera with an average battery life will work for some occasions, it is preferable to use a model with a battery life of at least six hours.

Pro Tip: Avoid even considering purchasing a used camera. When making a purchase, not even a knowledgeable specialist will be able to identify potential issues with the camera. Buy a new camera in the store with the original warranty certificate if you don't want to be duped. Buying the older model rather than the more recent one is the only risk-free approach to save money.


This guide to amateur photography will help you learn how to get better photos at home, on the road and anywhere else.

1. What are your main concerns?

This will influence a lot of your decisions. This evaluation will show you which cameras are best for recording videos. Make that a priority if it's important to you. These cameras are all equipped with Wi-Fi inbuilt. Other cameras feature Near Field Communication and GPS (NFC). Your decision will be influenced by how much use you intend to make of these features.

2. What are the Features to Look Out For?

Connectivity: Check for integrated Bluetooth, NFC, USB, HDMI, and Wi-Fi.

Expandability: Hot shoes with flash, microphone, and earphone connections are expandable.

Lens Availability: There are various degrees of lens availability for interchangeable mounts.

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4K video: This is now essentially the norm. But be aware that the image may be cropped on some cameras. The severity of this depends on how small the sensor is. Additionally, it reduces the width of your wide-angle lenses.

Size: Some of these cameras are so little that you could carry them anywhere. They are really little.


A good beginner camera does not have to be expensive. Many beginners opt for a DSLR, especially those who already have a laptop and phone. You don’t have to worry about anything except capturing the moment. Your camera will be ready whenever you want to shoot and you’ll have lots of options for learning to use it. Learn more about this camera in my article on the best amature cameras.

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