How to Choose The Best 7-inch Tablets

7-inch tablets are the perfect size for all of us to carry around and use. You can read on it, watch videos, browse the web, or play games. So how do you choose the best one for you? Well, we're going to go through each of the best 7-inch tablets.

The Apple iPad Pro is the latest iteration of the iconic tablet, and it packs a powerful punch. The device features a sleek design, powerful specs, and a host of other features that will make it a great choice for almost any type of user. In this guide, we'll show you exactly why it's a worthy purchase.

Best 7-inch Tablets

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How to Choose The Best 7-inch Tablets

• The first thing to consider is the screen size of the tablet. The 7-inch tablets have a very compact size that is easy to carry around, but also comes with its own set of problems.

• While a 7-inch tablet may be smaller than a 10-inch tablet, it still has a larger display, which means that the resolution of the screen is better than that of a 7-inch tablet.

• Another consideration is the screen type. A tablet screen is touch sensitive, and the larger the screen, the better the sensitivity. A 7-inch tablet is the perfect size for when you’re in your home or office, but when you’re traveling, you’ll need a larger tablet.

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• The processor speed is one of the most important features of a tablet. While not as important as the processor speed on a laptop, it still plays a key role in the performance of a tablet.

• The battery life is another important factor in the performance of a tablet. This is more important for the 10-inch tablet, but a 7-inch tablet will still need to be powered by a battery.

• Finally, the storage capacity of a tablet is an important consideration. You’ll want to be able to store all of your files and documents on the tablet.


1. How do I choose the best 7 inch tablets?

Choosing the best 7 inch tablets can be tricky, because they are very similar and the price points are quite different. Hence, the criteria for choosing the best one also differ. Some people will look for the best tablet that comes with a great display, while others will look for the one with the best screen resolution.

For the first category, the iPad mini is the best option for most people. It has a great display and is very affordable. For the second category, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the best option. It has a great display, better processor, and a great price point.

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2. Which tablet is the best for watching movies?

You can watch movies on any tablet, as long as you have the appropriate app. The only factor that matters is the size of the screen. The smaller the screen, the better the experience. We recommend the Google Nexus 9 for watching movies.

3. Is a 7 inch tablet better than a 10 inch tablet?

Both tablets have the same screen size, but the smaller tablets offer a lighter weight and a more compact form factor. A smaller tablet also has less storage space, and hence, you'll need to choose carefully before buying one.

Final Words

In conclusion, 7-inch tablets are inexpensive, portable, and lightweight. However, choosing the right 7-inch tablet is still a challenge for consumers. In this post, we’ll take a look at different types of 7-inch tablets and determine which ones are the best based on price, features, performance, and user reviews.

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